Lessons From a Chicken

lesson from a chicken, lessons, chickens, chicken, rooster, hen, little chicken secret, hard lessons, learn the hard wayDo all lessons have to be learned the hard way? Well, for the Young Rooster in one of our A Little Chicken Secret stories, it seems to be that way.

Despite the diligent warnings by his friend and companion, the Little Old Hen, the Young Rooster seems to keep getting himself into trouble. After several life threatening situations, will he ever learn? Will he make it through his first season or will one of those hard lessons be his last?

In this short story of the Disobedient Rooster, we learn the value of listening to those who have survived several seasons of their own. Perhaps if we can take lessons from a chicken we can avoid going through a few hard lessons ourselves.

This and many other heart warming, inspiring or cautionary tales are soon to be published in A Little Chicken Secret. Be sure to subscribe for FREE to our email list and/or to LittleFarmSecrets.com to be the first to be notified when A Little Chicken Secret is available.

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