Something New on the Farm

farm, farmer, chicken, hen, hens, chicks, spring, Barred Plymouth Rock HenWhen a new family moves onto the old farm, they don’t do things quite the same way the old farmer did. In a story about the first spring chicks to hatch after the new arrivals, the hens get a surprise and the whole farm gets involved in the speculation as to what the new farmer is up to.

It seems that just about every member of the farm doubts that the new farmer knows what he is doing. Only the Barred Plymouth Rock Hen doesn’t want to give up on him, but she can’t figure out what his odd behavior is all about. Will the farmer live up to the hopes of Barred Plymouth Rock Hen and restore the faith of the  rest of the flock? You’ll have to wait for A Little Chicken Secret to find out!

Writing is going well and we anticipate A Little Chicken Secret will be ready for publication this spring. Be sure to sign up for updates so you don’t miss it. Meanwhile, I will be sharing tidbits and trivia, as well as some punnies and funnies, along the way.


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