About the Author

dawn headshotDawn Irion is a former DNA researcher and a current full-time homesteader and homeschooler in addition to being her husbands all-in-one administrative support for his Patent Law practice. She enjoys researching and writing about all things homesteading, from animal care to DIY farm projects to creative ways to garden. Dawn is passionate about sharing the love of farming with others.

Dawn moved to East Tennessee in 2005 and began farming in 2011. She was raised in a small town in northern California’s wine country but by no means did she grow up knowing anything about farming. Her accidental journey into homesteading began with a flock of chickens, for the completely practical purpose of having fresh eggs. From there, her love of birds and farming grew into what is now quite a menagerie. Dawn decided to write a series of books under the umbrella Little Farm Secretslcs book cover 600 to encourage others to consider going back to the land and producing their own food. While the books are mostly delightful short stories, not “how-to’s”, they do include valuable tips and resources for those who are inspired to try the homesteading life.

Since Dawn’s journey began with chickens, so does her Little Farm Secrets series. A Little Chicken Secret will be the first book available in the series, coming out in the Spring of 2016.


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