Chick Days Are Almost Here!

chick days, chicken, chicks, chickens, hens, hen, farm, farm life, homestead, homesteader, co-opThis is the most exciting time of year for the chicken enthusiast or the beginning homesteader. It is such fun to bring home a new batch of chicks and see them run about the yard. Just like babies, everything is new for them and you get to enjoy their discoveries along with them. In my book, A Little chicken Secret, we get to see life through the eyes of chicks, hens and roosters. While the stories in A Little Chicken Secret are a romanticized view of farm life, that view is based on the reality of the connection that truly exists between the homesteader and their chickens. We all enjoy a little variety in our lives, so consider enriching your flocks life with some new chicks this spring.

In my previous post, Time for Chicks?, I wrote about hatching your own chicks, but if you want to hit the ground running with newly hatched chicks your opportunity is now! In the next several weeks you should be able to find chicks available at your local co-op or Tractor Supply.  In fact, every year Tractor Supply has a big event called Chick Days. You can read more about it on their website.

Before you go out and get all the supplies you will need, remember to check your local ordinances at If your local ordinances don’t yet allow for backyard chickens, start lobbying now for a change. Most objections are based on a lack of information, so your job will be to dispel the myths about backyards chickens. Future posts on this site will help to do just that, so sign up for notifications of future posts in the top form to the right.

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