What do Raggedy Ann and Chickens Have in Common?

raggedy ann, story, book, chickens, chicken, stories, raggedy ann stories, chicken stories, chicken story, chicken bookWhen the first Raggedy Ann story book came out in 1918, chickens were a backyard affair. The largest poultry operations at the time had no more than 400 birds, and even that was rare. If you wanted eggs, you had your own chickens or purchased eggs from someone who did.

Since so many families had backyard chickens, even in the cities, books for children included chicken stories as much as kitten or puppy stories. Kids interacted with chickens daily and enjoyed imaging what a chicken might be thinking. When you live with chickens, you come to realize that they each have their own personality and routine.  Sometimes they even keep secrets!

In one of the stories I am re-telling in A Little Chicken Secret, Raggedy Ann discovers a chicken secret. The story follows Raggedy Ann’s adventures with chickens when, one day, a twist of fate placed her in the right place at the right time. This is a story the whole family will enjoy, illustrated both with the original story images as well as new photography.

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