What’s Going On In There?

eggs, chicks, chick, egg, hatch egg, hatch eggs, hatch chicks, hatching chicks, hatching eggs, egg development, chick developmentHave you ever wondered what is going on inside an incubated chicken egg? Sure, you can candle the eggs to see if they are developing, but that doesn’t really show you what’s going on. Every time we hatch chicks, I can’t help but be surprised anew by the amazing development that occurs in just three weeks. I am also always surprised that at the end of 3 weeks, those chicks could fit inside that egg. It seems that within a day they have grown enough that they could never go back.

Well, if you have ever been as curious as I am about everything chicken, you will probably enjoy this video put out by The Poultry CRC (Cooperative Research Centre). It is an animated video detailing the 21-day development of a chick embryo within the egg in just two minutes. I hope you enjoy this educational resource as much as I did and share it with others.

If this amazing process inspires you to want to hatch your own chicks, please visit Time for Chicks? for some information and helpful links to get started.

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